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2024-07-02-15:04 ok
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Build history

News 2024-04-07

Mule is now the upstream default so the no mule version has for some time not been built properly. It was relying on the default being no mule. That is now fixed by configuring it "--with-mule=no".

News 2019-05-22

The smoketest is configured to run once each second hour. So don't expect your changes to be picked up immediately but do expect that they will be picked up eventually!

News 2019-05-06

The smoketest is back to some extent now on a new server.

It does only build the packages using the tip version of 21.5 since I can't build unpatched versions of the the stable 21.4 and the latest released version of 21.5. (And I doubt many can do that on modern systems!) So for now I skip these versions of the binary to at least build something.

The build is only triggered manually for now.

News 2013-01-22

This is old news really but the tip version for XEmacs 21.5 is part of the smoketest together with the stable release 21.4 and latest beta release of 21.5. The two later are maintained manually though so there can be some delay here until they are updated after a release.

News 2011-11-20

Automatic build is now turned on. Each hour the repo is pulled for changes. If any change is found in any package a full rebuild is performed. (That is the idea anyway.)

The build links now point to the local build-report files.

News 2011-10-23

Uses the bitbucket repository but builds are not automatic yet. Working on that.

Each subrepo is updated to the latest version so this build ignores on purpose any consistency requirements between packages.

A third type of build is introduced. Two bleeding edge builds are performed as well. This will hopfullt work as a smoketest for the XEmacs binary as well. The bleding edge version is maintained manually as well for now. Working on autumation here.

For smoketests of the XEmacs binary see XEmacs buildbot

News 2011-05-02

Updated 21.5 binaries to 21.5.31. The first GPLv3 or later release!

News 2010-03-30

The 21.5-b29 tag version had some fatal problems so the 21.5 binaries are now updated to a later bleeding edge version 21.5-b29 17fe69fff7fa+.

News 2010-03-27

21.5 binaries are now updated to 21.5-b29.

News 2010-03-21

Fixed links so they work with chrome.

News 2009-01-02

21.4 binaries are now updated to 21.4.22!

News 2006-12-12

Added an experimental RSS feed.

News 2006-02-23

Removed non mule build for 21.5 due to problems building it without getting a xemacs process using all CPU. When and if it is fixed I will put it to display again. Kept column as a reminder.

News 2005-10-31

Updated XEmacs binaries and the table header links accordingly.

How to read the table

The header in the table gives you what version of XEmacs that is used for building the packages. The header only give the major version numbers. These binaries are updated manually and for the version details look at the top of the full log for what version that is currently in use.

The color on the table cells show the status of the build. Green - things when well. Red and there was a problem. By looking into the tail of the build log you will probably see what was the problem.

The links in the table


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